For COVID testing results: once you have left our facilities, the only way you will be able to receive your results will be by the patient portal.

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Telehealth Medicine


HAPPI Health is proud to announce that during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our offices are offering Telehealth Medicine visits to our patients! 

*Please do note that you must be an established patient of HAPPI to qualify for Telehealth Medicine visits. 

To answer some commonly asked questions:

What is Telehealth Medicine? Telehealth Medicine is your doctors visit over a live video chat on your laptop or smartphone from the safety and comfort of your home at your convenience. 

How can I schedule my Telehealth visit? You can schedule your Telehealth visit simply be calling our office and requesting one. We will do our best to schedule it at a time that's right for you. 

What do I need for a Telehealth visit? You will need either a laptop or a smartphone that has a stable internet connection in order to connect with your provider over video chat.

Do I need a Patient Portal account to use Telehealth visits? It is mandatory for our practice to have a good email on your account to get you web enabled for the Patient Portal and for you to receive the invite email or text message for the Telehealth visit, but it is not required for you to log into the Patient Portal. But you are also able to join into the Telehealth visit from your Patient Portal account under "Upcoming Appointments".  Please verify with us the mobile number and email that you would prefer to receive the appointment link.

Please check the following document for some more information on Telehealth visits and how to use them: Telehealth Visits

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