For COVID testing results: once you have left our facilities, the only way you will be able to receive your results will be by the patient portal.

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Alex Stewart

I had nothing but great experiences at HAPPI!


Rebecca Foster

Kristen @ Happi has been very helpful to me while I'm dealing with my 18 yr old that has covid. She has went beyond & over to meet my exceptions. Thanks a million Kristen you have definitely helped me get through this hard time.


Erika Zwissler


Rosa Ruiz


Juana Matias


Erika Zwissler


Robin Moore


Ida Colon


Maurice Gordon

It was a wonderful experince they did everything by the book when it came to the pandemic.


Michelle Pack

My children haven been going here since it opened and I too as an adult. They are definitely great. I wouldn’t change unless I absolutely have to. Very though and friendly. It’s very unusual to have a long wait. I can only remember one time waiting 30 minutes and even then it was for an other patients safety issue. They are great and don’t ever dredge going. They make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.


Lindsay Danielle

Dr. Andrews is the best doctor I’ve ever seen! She treats her patients like a friend and makes sure that all questions and concerns have been addressed in a way that is easy to understand. If other family members besides mom or dad asks her questions, she happily answers and does not dismiss or disregard them. I could not have picked a better pediatrician for my baby!


Natalie Burleson

Whenever anyone in my family is sick, I can count on prompt walk-in service at the urgent care. My family also participated in the flu shot clinic and COVID testing clinic, and in our experience the service was convenient and fast. Having the pharmacy attached to the urgent care makes going to HAPPI super convenient overall! HAPPI provides a valuable service to the community and I would recommend 100%.


Carlisa Page

I love the atmosphere and demeanor of Dr. Andrews and her office. Dr. Andrews is outstanding, extremely knowledgeable and caring of pediatric patients. I would not trade nothing in the world for Dr. Andrews expertise. You or the little ones will not be disappointed. This is a review for the pediatric office as well as the walk-in urgent care office located adjacent to the pediatrics office. Last but not least; this is the first time I have left a review (good or bad) for any medical setting. PARENTS, Dr. Andrews is AWESOME!!


Pamela Hideko

I went to this clinic for the first time yesterday as I was experiencing flu like symptoms. They got me in and out fairly quickly as I was a walk in. They even have a pharmacy there and I only waited less than 10 minutes on my prescription. The staff is also friendly, professional, & courteous.


Amy Struloeff

Appreciate the staff's compassion and respect for patient's individual health status stories and needs.


Wendy G

Went to Happi for a covid19 test. They were super fast and efficient. We stayed in the car and they came out. Everything was handled professionally and the tech and PA were awesome!


Payton’s Mom

I wanted to thank your urgent care for always taking such awesome care of my kids!!! Happi is one of the few urgent cares around that accepts Medicaid. They always provide excellent care. If it weren't for Happi, we'd have to drive 40 extra minutes (at least) to find an urgent care that accepts our insurance.I really appreciate your friendly staff!! To the woman below complaining about being turned away at 4:40 you have to remember that those workers have been their all day long and deserve to go home to their families! As someone who works in an urgent care myself, it is hard, hard work!!! MOST urgent cares stop taking their patients AT LEAST 30 minutes before their closing times during busy seasons. This is common practice!! If not, the poor staff would keep taking patients until the waiting room was full, until the last minute and they wouldn't get home until their kids were in bed. Urgent cares open early. You could have planned and brought your child in WAY before closing time or called in advance and asked when they were taking the last patient. Thank you Happi! Keep up the good work!!


Teresa Johns

Dr. Andrews and her team are wonderful! My oldest grandson has been going to see them for 7 years. He adores Dr. Andrews, except when he has to get shots. They are so patient with the little ones and explain things in a way they can understand. They're bi-lingual as well.


Kristy Gulick

Love the staff. Everyone is very friendly and nurses and physicians are very personable and really listen. Dr. Andrews has been a HUGE help with my son. I love the fact they have an urgent care as well as can treat the whole family making appointment scheduling and trips to the doctor much less.


Susan Cox

Love the staff always nice and polite. Dr. Andrews is the best been with her for almost 10yrs.and don't plan on going anywhere else ever . Grandson is very comfortable with her.


Datra Guy

My kids have been a patient since day 1 and they have only grown to become even better. I would HIGHLY recommend this facility. Great customer service and experience with healing their patients.

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