Physicals Specialist

A cornerstone of good health is the annual physical. At HAPPI Health, with three locations in Huntsville, Alabama, HAPPI Provider team offers pediatric and adult physicals to preserve and protect your health. At these appointments, you receive the screenings, recommendations, and care you need to promote your optimal quality of life. If you’re due for a physical, call the office to schedule or book your appointment online today.

Why are physicals important to my health?

If you feel just fine, you may think a physical is an unnecessary inconvenience that takes time out of your busy day.

In reality, a physical is the foundation of your preventive health care. Many organizations, including some workplaces, schools, and sports teams, require regular annual physicals to ensure you’re in good enough health to participate in activities.

A physical provides a snapshot of your health and provides the foundation of your health history. Physicals offer valuable screenings and exams that can help detect disease early and prevent complications. They can also ensure you’re functioning at peak levels to give you the best chance of living well into old age.

Why should I get a physical if I have no health problems?

It’s very possible for you to have a chronic condition, such as high cholesterol or hypertension, and have absolutely no outward symptoms. 

At routine physicals, Dr. Andrews schedules appropriate screenings according to your health history and risk factors so any problems can be caught early when they’re easiest to treat.

A routine physical can also be a reminder about healthy lifestyle habits that you should be following to maximize your quality of life.

What if I need a sports physical?

If you need clearance from a medical provider to participate in school, collegiate, or adult sports teams or leagues, HAPPI Health can help. 

They offer sports physicals, even if you don’t have time to make an appointment. Just visit the urgent care clinic, and you can get an exam and same-day sign off on any forms necessary.

What happens during physicals?

A physical usually begins with a check of basic health statistics, such as height, weight, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure.

Any updates or information about your personal and family medical history are given at the start of your visit. The nurse will also ask you about any recent health changes or symptoms.

Dr. Andrews examines your general appearance and checks your motor functions and reflexes. She also examines your ears, nose, and throat, your thyroid, and abdomen. 

Your heart and lungs are also evaluated. Dr. Andrews fills out and signs any forms necessary to clear you for work, school, or sports play.

Schedule your next physical at HAPPI Health. Call today or book your appointment online.